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Do you know what colour the camel's feather is? Buff is the color. Buff is already a camel hair color. Buff color has been used in the design for many years.

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Buff Color
Buff Color

Everyone loves the buff color! From people who are color blind to “warmers”, this is a very popular choice. However, it’s not always the best choice for your website.

When you look at a page with a buff color, it darkens the page to make the design stand out. If the website doesn’t have a dark layout, I recommend using one of these web colours to give your WordPress website a more attractive look.

Trace the history of bright red, and you'll discover it has played some major roles in some of history's most major events. Ironically, few people know the name of this beautiful red, but millions know how to describe it. 

The crimson hue that popular culture has named "red" began with "buff color," a pigment made popular by Tudor times that was used to dye wool for uniforms, clothing, books, and more.

I've often seen requests for a list of themes and plugins to make a certain color look good; whether it's a business logo color, a standard dark blue background color, or the caramel shade associated with black and white photography. 

Buff Color in Interior Design

Have you ever heard the term buff color in interior design? A color description that describes a soft, creamy white? On occasion, people don't think it’s important when picking out whites for their homes, but I’ve always felt they choose their colours based on how they relate to furniture and accessories. After all, they aren’t buying blind.

Do you live in a side-by-side duplex, townhouse, or maybe a two-story home? You'll understand why this is important. You see, the most dramatic part of a room is the focal point - the focal point of a room becomes apparent once you open up a copy of an old house magazine and look at the large windows. 

The windows make a big statement about a house's style and for those that don't know why these homeowners choose to paint their windows buff color.

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