Coquelicot Color

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Coquelicot color is a warm red tone. If you search this color on Google, you will see a beautiful flower. I think he got his name from this flower.

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Coquelicot Color
coquelicot color

There is a growing number of websites out there that use the color Carnelian color as an accent color, and I think more sites should follow their example.

Carnelian is a beautiful red color. The origin of the word carnelian comes from Latin, "carbuncle", meaning kidney; which is a reference to the garnet, which has also been called the "fiery stone."

This tone of red has played an important role in art and culture since ancient times, for example, it was used as a gemstone in several weapons of the Indus Valley Civilization.

It’s signature intense red makes this color suitable for designs related to fire. Many people relate to it with blood and fire and images commonly associated with this color are flames, candles, and red hot diodes for electronics.

Carnelian is a shade of red that is very popular on the web. It is a very deep, orange to red color. The name Coquelicot comes from French and it means “coquelicot,” which translates into English as “Carnation Plant.” 

Like the word coquetry, it means seduction, flirting, or playfulness. You will mostly see this shade used in homes, especially bedrooms because of its warm and inviting feel. It looks beautiful combined with neutrals like cream, white, grey, or black.

Coquelicot Color in Interior Design

With the array of choices when it comes to interior design, choosing colors can be overwhelming. You don't want your house to look like a rainbow, but you don’t want it to be dull either. Coquelicot is the type of color that fits the bill. 

The name in French means "poppy" and it is also referred to as “wild poppy”. It has a deep red overtone, but also can be used for neutral tones. It easily coordinates well with other colors such as black and white or yellow for example. 

While there are always fashion trends to follow, interior design trends come and go but the trick is to choose something timeless that looks good no matter what decade it is.

A new color trend comes out every spring and this year is no exception. This color is also known as Poppy Red, will be one of the hottest colors for your home this year. 

This deep red color has a cheerful feel to it and will definitely bring warmth to any space. If you’re looking for bright and vibrant colors for your home, this will surely add some excitement to your interiors.

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