Deep Pink

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If you think deep, you might be burned out. But using deep pink color in design does not harm. 

Best Combination

Deep Pink
Deep Pink Color codes

At an RGB colour space, hex #ff1493 (also called black pink, Fluorescent pink) consists of 100 percent red, 7.8% green and 57.6% blue. Whereas at a CMYK colour space, it consists of 0 percent cyan, 92.2percent magenta, 42.4% yellow and 0% black. 

Deep pink is understood just as a queen pink too.

Deep Pink Color in Photography

It is a girl's best friend.(Yes, I don't like it but colors have genders)  

It's daydreamy, bright and energetic. 

It inspires creativity, carefree play and getting to know others through laughter. 

It evokes different thoughts such as confidence, happiness, trustworthiness, feminine charm, etc.

Deep pink suits well on special occasions like birthdays, anniversary or even after a breakup because it brings out feelings of warmth and sensuality in the viewers. 

Deep Pink Color in Product Design

Violet is some shade of light pinkish-violet shade. 

Deep pink color in product design refers to a woman's soft and feminine shades such as rose pink or pastel pink. 

As society has given over more importance to looks quotient, its women are preferring realistic shades while men are seeking for stronger emotions.

It is the most vibrant color on the color wheel and is an inspiring choice for almost anyone looking for a new look in their products.

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