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international orange is used for an essential purpose. This color is chosen for security purposes in the aviation world. There is only one priority in the aviation world. That's security.

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International Orange
international orange

International Orange or Pantone 168 is the color which is also known as the brand new color. In this article I am talking about the International Orange Color. The secret has been exposed to all of you so read on!

A lot of people know it as Orange IT, Orange RED, Orange OS, Orange Crush or just simply #FF6366 . Here are the ins and outs of this beautiful color.

What are the properties of this color? Can you trust such a color for your online business? Part of the world population finds this color very attractive, others find it rather irritating.

The color International Orange evokes feelings of motivation, energy, success, and ambition.

This work space will instill great results-driven productivity within your team. Perhaps that’s why it’s a favorite hue for high performance athletes and sports teams like the Mets, Eagles, NJ Devils, and Golden State Warriors.

The International Orange is a color that brings to people’s mind vivid images of the Sun and exotic travel. It’s a color synonymous with vibrant optimism and happiness in with its various shades. International Orange is a coined name for any color that resembles the familiar “International orange” hue.

The RGB color model for International Orange was created in 1987. This shade is widely known as “Orange IT” or “Orange RED”. In 2002, this color was also adopted by the National Color Council (NCC) as one of their colors for political purposes. In 2003, this particular hue became one of Apple Computer’s official colors, known as “Orange OS

If you ask random people in the street what orange color they associate with, I’m sure most of them would say “oranges”. Unless the person has a nickname that consists in Orange (and, trust me, a lot of people have nicknames like that), which might suggest to some that this is the only thing that orange means.

The funny thing about colors is that they don’t really mean anything. They are just there for us to use and enjoy. Though sometimes a color represents something more than it seems...

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