Rose Pink Color HEX Code

Like how a rose smells good, Rose colour looks good as well. That's the reason I added this colour in the shades of the pink collection. 

Fabric industry, the tech industry, likes to use Rose colour in their product. 

Rose Pink

You can copy the HEX code of Rose colour in a one-click. 

The colour rose pink with hexadecimal colour code #ff66cc / #f6c is a moderate light colour of magenta-pink. In the RGB colour model, #ff66cc is comprised of 100 percent red, 40% green and 80% blue. From the HSL colour space, #ff66cc includes a colour of 320° (levels ), 100% hardness and 70 percent lightness. This shade has an approximate wavelength of 513.82 nm.

At right above is exhibited the colour rose pink.

The earliest recorded usage of increased pink as a colour name in English was in 1760.


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