Phthalo Blue

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Phthalo blue color is a crystalline and synthetic color. It was created in the mid-1900s as a result of chemical processes.

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Phthalo Blue

It is one color which captures the beauty of nature. The ultimate place that inspires the creation of Phthalo Blue is nature. Nature is the ultimate creator.

It’s never ending in its creative process. From leaves to seas, from sun to earth; this environment is amazing. And it’s everything that inspires the modern world like nothing else.

It is an azo color with the chemical name of iron phthalocyanine. It is one of the original “Phthalocyanine colors” developed in 1908 by a team led by George de Mestral. 

Phthalo blue is very widely used as a pigment in painting, photography, and printing.

Phthalo blue color in Advertising

This color was successfully exploited by Rolex to advertise its product of watches in Blue. 

This watch was an advertising gimmick as compared to other watches launched previously by the company as most of them were aimed at accentuating the luxury part only.

It has been used in all forms of advertising because it is one of the most attractive colors. 

The name comes from 'phthalo' which means light green and blue. 

It is a synthetic pigment that was created in 1906 by chemists: Henry Isaac Davy, Thomas Turner and George H. Abbey. 

This color is part of the Phthalocyanine Blue Group, and it belongs to the family of green pigments. Phthalo blue paint can show up in any material, whether it is latex, Fresco acrylic, or water based paints…

Phthalo blue color in Product Design

It is one of the best blue colors in the world and has become a standard for wallpapers, posters, photography and even clothing. 

When it comes to design, it’s famous for its sense of freshness and cleanliness. It perfectly fits in many categories, whether that is a corporate website or an urban clothing brand.

Color palette is the most important part of product design, it helps to make your product successful in future. 

There are so many products in the market with the same functionality, but they go on success due to their color designs and quality. 

When this color is used in product design, there are not many alternatives. 

It's name comes from Greek words that mean "The color of the sky". 

This is a pigment that has extreme permanence and lightfastness. 

As much as this is a significant factor, we will look at some additional important features for products. 

There is one thing you need to know when using phthalo blue colors; it exhibits greenish hue on exposure to light. 

This makes it suitable for use on dark backgrounds such as black or deep blues.

Phthalo blue color in Interior Design

It is in fact a dark tone of green, with a slightest touch of blue, tied up with yellow gold. The main color is similar to the famous Phthalo Blue paint from legendary painter and innovator, Wassily Kandinsky

This color scheme brings elegance and modern style that can be used for both home interiors as well as for offices and commercial spaces.

It is a color used in oil paints and aquarelle. It has an average tinting strength of about two, a dark value of 5, and a hue angle of 240°. 

It is the dark blue pigment that lies between French ultramarine and Prussian blue in the color wheel. Phthalo blue can be used as a replacement for both colors.

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