Neon Blue

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The neon blue color is a more modern color than the other blue. It is difficult to distinguish different blue from black at night. But Neon blue is easy to see.

Best Combination

Neon Blue
Neon Blue Color

This color (from which neon blue gets its name) is bright, vivid and energetic making it the perfect colour for a pop of excitement. 

But just as true neon colours have a bright side, they also have a dark side with the lack of luminous appearance creating monochromatic silhouettes.

Neon blue color in fashion

In my opinion, the neon color that has always been ignored will become a favorite for many designers at the present time, because we see a lot of neon-colored clothing in the spring-summer 2015 collection of designers. 

I also like this color and hope that it will become a new trend in fashion.

The color of the year in fashion is not neon blue, but it should be. 

Blue seems to be the most prominent color in every style and fashion, from orange and green jackets to light blue floral dresses to navy blue heels. 

Nothing in fashion is complete without a bit of blue.

Neon blue color in product design

This color has an allure no other color can offer. It is unique as well as distinct. 

The color creates a positive environment, by making the mind feel light and optimistic. It can be incorporated into any design to uplift your mood and energy.

You can use neon color in various places, such as headlines, banners and text, but the most effective ones are usually in the logos.

Neon blue color in interior design

Bright neon colors can create visual interest and liven up any space. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a large area either! 

A neon blue in interior design can make a small room feel more fun and larger than it actually is. 

It’s an easy way to accent your style without having to repaint the entire place.

That blue in interior design is considered suitable for kids as well as adults.   

Whether we are talking about teenagers or toddlers, this cool nuance of blue can fit any type of interior design so you can easily find the perfect decoration if you want to add a refreshing color to your house. 

Blue and white accessories and modern furniture will look funky and bold, while wood-paneled walls paired with plush green upholstery will create a warmer atmosphere in your home.

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