Dark Blue

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Dark Blue Color is the official color of the British Navy. Besides, web designers like to use this color. It is less bright than white screens. It is also used in software as night mode.

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Dark Blue
Dark Blue Color

This is the color of calm or purity. It originated, from Flanders, in Belgium during the 1300s. 

It gave its name to blue pigment used as paint by artists and artisans of Europe during that era. Because of its long history, several names have been given to it over time. 

In Latin it was called ‘Indicum’ because it came from India.

According to color psychology, dark blue is a calming color. 

Excellent for bedrooms or bathrooms, it is often used in place of black and will appear softer than a room painted black, but it doesn't have the same mysterious feel as a black room. 

Dark blue can be the best choice if you want to soften and relax.

Web design trends change over time. You can’t stand still or you will fall behind. And if you’re a great web designer, you may have many repeat clients but at some point, the color scheme that your client has become used to can be trapped with it. 

There is no shame either in changing something for yourself and forcing yourself to re-learn with new obstacles in front of you. 

On the web design journey it’s all about adapting and growing. 

This color can really help with an old website design style, especially if your website is also older and needs a bit of love and refreshment.

Dark Blue Color in interior design

Throughout history, men and women were and are still obsessed with having blue in all of its shades. 

This color symbolizes the mysteries of the sea, sky and earth as well as hope, strength, the infinity and loyalty. 

It is not a random chance that many of the most prestigious universities bear names close to this magnificent color. 

Today more than any era blue remains one of the most popular colors used in interior design.

Preferring light-colored rooms and furniture, you’re no stranger to seeing rooms painted in white or beige. 

But have you ever thought about what a dark blue or navy paint color would do for your home? These colors are rich, relaxing, and soothing.

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