Duke Blue

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Duke blue color is the official color of Duke University. Almost every university changed one or two numbers in the hex cod and bought a blue.

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Duke Blue
Duke Blue Color

Duke blue color in Interior Design

The color is divided into two parts: a dark blue that looks like sparkling water and smoke, and a lighter shade that looks slightly more of a straw yellow

This color is used by some interior designers to decorate living rooms for the same reason that it is popular for online shopping sites. 

It has also become known to be used in places where it makes spaces look cosy and intimate since it enhances the dull look of a room furnishing by giving a sense of softness and unity.

Duke blue color in Advertising

It is the color that has been dubbed the magic color by many advertising firms and agencies. 

It has become known as a must have' color for advertisers as ıt helps create intense and vivid images that grab your attention.

 Some say that ıt has become the most powerful color in today's marketplace. 

Duke blue color in Movies

The color was originally called “Dark Blue” in 1755 before it was popularized by the French designer Charles Eames in his 1923 American design trademark for clothes and furniture. 

The color remains popular in North America and Europe, although its use as a logo has fallen out of favor since the late 1990s.

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