Tangerine Color

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Tangerine color is an orange color, which means orange. By putting such a cool name, they just made it more attractive. Have a nice day

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Tangerine Color
tangerine color

Learn about the Tangerine color and how to use it in your designs. We'll look at a variety of ways to implement it in your work. By the end of this post you will know everything about this color and understand how to apply it in your future projects.

This color is one form of yellow color which it is possible to find among the other colors. Because of this, it is sometimes believed to a subset of yellow coloring, and another name for it is “orange yellow”. As such, tangerine color can also be derived from other colors.

Tangerine is one of the most popular color options among interior designers. Homeowners can choose a tangerine accent wall or paint the whole room tangerine. The fun and happy tangerine color is perfect for bringing your mood up any day.

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