Blue Flag With White Star: +3 Country Flags

Considering the blue color of country flags, it is not a color that is used very much. This is why the collection of blue flags with white stars is limited to only three countries.

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Having fewer flags in the collection also gives us the opportunity to conduct a deeper analysis.

If you wish, let's start the flag analysis without wasting any time.

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Somalia flag

The officially adopted flag design of Somalia, an African Country, features a single 5-pointed white star. A blue color, which we can call light, was chosen as the main flag color. There is no controversy regarding the replacement of the flag, which was adopted in 1954. The flag design is also approved by the public vote.

In the capital city of Mogadishu, spring is very lively and colorful. In fact, the meaning of the name of the capital also means Spring City in Arabic.

If you wander its streets, you are likely to see many African women wearing colorful robes around you.


Australia flag

The Australian flag has a total of 5 white stars. All stars are 7-pointed, but their size and distribution are dispersed.

And of course, since Australia is part of the united kingdom, there is also the logo representing the kingdom in its left corner. We also see this practice in smaller island countries.

Although it is exactly twice the size of the United States, its population is only 26 million. This is a figure that can be seen as very low. Although it is an economically prosperous country, the ceiling limits remain a certain country due to the low population.


Nato Flag

Do you know what NATO stands for? If you don't know, you're in a good place to learn. This is what the "North Atlantic Treaty Organization" stands for.

Although the star here is white in color, it actually resembles the star of a compass.

As you know, it was created after the second world war in order to create a power against the Soviet Union.

This union acted as a balancing factor in order to prevent a third disaster.

No matter how big a drama war is, having the strength to fight is the most important key to peace.

Bonnie Blue

Bonnie Blue flag

It is a flag that dates back to 1810. It was used in Texas and Florida state areas during the American unification period. Of course, at that time, these places were known as a republic, not a state.

As you know, the current flag of the United States also has stars. Here is the Bonnie Blue flag, the first officially recognized starry flag in the country's history.

Blue flag with white star list

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