Amber Color

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Amber color is not gold. It is not orange. It is somewhere between these two colors. The name of this color comes from a precious stone.

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Amber Color
Amber Color Codes

Amber is one of the colors that are quite ambiguous as compared to other colors that can be easily recognized. 

Well, amber is actually a yellow color and its name originated from the Greek word "Ambre" meaning necklace.

The color was derived from the Persian word for the sun that is "âmbar" or 'ambergris'. Amber has huge hues such as orange, yellow, red, brown, and also some shades of green. 

This is one of the colors used in color psychology in web design. When we think of yellow, typically we associate it with being happy. 

This is the meaning of yellow in color psychology. 

There is a lot of color psychology used throughout marketing and branding as we are more attracted to specific colors, even before we’re consciously aware that were attracting towards them. 

This is why companies have a specific color they use for their logo or social media page.

Amber Color in Interior Design

Amber is one of the warmest colors on the color wheel, ranging from an orange-yellow hue to a deep brown or reddish-orange tone.

It has a richer and more golden tone than yellow, and it represents warmth, beauty, luxury, and wealth. 

It will make a room feel more cozy and comfortable and will give an ambient impression. In other words, it is perfect for living rooms.

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