Sapphire Blue

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Sapphire blue color takes its name from an expensive stone of the same name. There are other variations, but this color is the most used.

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Sapphire Blue
Sapphire Blue Color

This is the color of precious deep blue sapphire gemstone. It is also called royal blue, Cornflower blue or regency blue.

It has a very beautiful and bold tone to it. Sapphire color is a part of the cyan color family and it's opposite color is hot pink

This shade of blue is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world.

In terms of physics, sapphire is a colorful variety of the gemstone corundum, an aluminum oxide. 

This word comes from Latin "sapphirus" which means "blue" and can be found in the earliest 

English language writings. It is highly unlikely that the color ever had anything to do with actual sapphires.

Sapphire blue color in advertising

This blue tone is probably not a very common favorite among the masses for advertising. 

It often depicts natural elements in the advertisement, which makes it likely that the masses would prefer to see something more vibrant. 

However, if you have a campaign that involves anything related to arts and crafts or construction, you might want to try out this color. 

When you're selecting colors for your ads, remember that they should be in harmony with the image or words.

The inventors of advertising know perfectly well about this and use it to influence people's feelings.

Many colors have a different effect on people. Sapphire blue is one of them – it is a calming color that causes relaxation, reduces excitation and reacts positively to people’s emotions and souls. 

People who are in a good mood feel it easier to buy and make other kinds of decisions.

Sapphire blue color in product design

Its blue rays are strong when viewed from natural light but show to be much less vibrant when inside artificial light. 

This color has an exotic spectrum having an appearance of shiny with incredible depth. It signifies power, beauty, royalty, leadership and intelligence. 

Use this in your product design when you want to arouse the desires and emotions in your customer.

Sapphire can have the effect of raising purchasing power and paying more for a particular product or service.

Sapphire blue color in interior design

This type of color does work well in interior design in areas where you want to have an elegant vibe such as a bathroom, bedroom, hallway or living room. 

But there are other types of sapphire blue paint colors that you should learn about if you want to use this color in other rooms of your house. 

The lighter shades such as the outdoor light blue pastel hue are great for the kitchen or the nursery in the baby's room. 

They provide a relaxing, tranquil atmosphere which is wonderful for unwinding after a long day at work.

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