Sky Blue

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Sky Blue Color represents the infinite blue of the sky. Some homes use this color to paint the ceiling. It is also frequently used in interior architecture.

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Sky Blue
Sky Blue Color

Sky blue color is a mixture of azure blue and light blue, the color between the color of the sky and the sea, with a little of purple. It is not easy to distinguish sky blue from other similar hues such as powder blue or turquoise. But it still possesses appealing characteristics.

Sky Blue Color in Logo Design

Logo design with a sky blue background is trending this year. It has an emotional touch and imparts the sense of security and trust. Sky blue colors are found in the blue sky, reflecting an image to be bright, cheerful, and dynamic.

Sky Blue Color in illustration

If you're an illustrator or designer then you know that in addition to shade, tone, tint, and brightness, blue has another feature: hue. 

It's the primary color of the visual spectrum, seen by humans as a bluish tint corresponding to frequencies between 475-525 THz (nanometers). 

It's this hue property of color that can cause confusion when deciding on which blue to use when coloring a picture.


Sky Blue Color in Car Design

If you are above a certain age, then there is a very good chance that the word Sky Blue brings back memories of something shiny — or as I like to call it, the color of happiness.   

Yellow and blue have always been considered happy colors, before the world was littered with mounds of traffic cones and lines for parking spots — before you could find these colors in just about anything at any given time.   

Today, sky blue color in car design is more than just a memory: it’s a new dimension in automotive design.

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