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This Color is something that can be spoken of in many different ways and it can have many meanings too. Here is the Gold HEX Code you can use ın your next design project. 













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Gold HEX Code
































Color CSS Name HEX Code
lightgoldenrodyellow #FAFAD2
orange #FFA500
palegoldenrod #EEE8AA
khakİ #F0E68C
sienna #A0522D
goldenrod #DAA520
darkorange #FF8C00
chocolate #D2691E
gold #FFD700
Golden yellow #FFDF00
Golden brown #996515
peru #CD853F
saddlebrown #8B4513
Old gold #CFB53B
Vegas gold #C5B358
Pale gold #E6BE8A
Metallic gold #D4AF37

Gold color is probably known as one of the most popular colors in the fashion industry which is often used in shoes, clothes, belts and all kinds of accessories. 

When you talk about gold color you think about something solid golden that emits a specific and unique color that often symbolizes prosperity, power and wealth. 

In one of these games, coins are produced from gold. New World Gold is one of the best examples of this.

Shades of Gold Color

Shades of Gold is a color that shows richness, priviege, prestige, high quality and a sense of luxury. It is similar to Beige but is more intense. 

Shade of Gold is typically used on backgrounds for written information, as this color implies that the information may be valuable or significant. 

This color may also represent achievement and the accomplishments of an individual or organization.

Pale Goldenrod #EEE8AA

Pale Goldenrod color

Khaki #F0E68C 

Khaki Color

Khaki color - is a cool and good-looking fashion color of modern INTERIOR. It was designed as a military uniform. Khaki colour has a unique ability to combine with any colour (link). It is not clear and not brown, but it can replace brown. It is ideal for household use, especially in spring and autumn.

Dark Orange #FF8C00

Dark Orange Color HEX

Dark orange is a strong, subdued color. However, it's not the same as brown. It's close to red and purple, but still has a slightly different tone to it.

Sienna Color #A0522D

Sienna Color HEX

Sienna is a rustic brownish orange. Of course, there are different varieties of sienna. Traditional sienna comes from the heartwood of the tree which people have used to make furniture, and to make kegs and tuns for beer and wine. 

Nowadays people can get Sienna from different kinds of rocks such as those in California or even from synthetic pigments.

Metallic Gold #D4AF37

Metallic Gold HEX

Metallic gold is a pale yellow gold color which varies from the color of unburnished gold (also known as raw or new gold), and it usually refers to gold bullion or coins that give off a shiny yellowish hue. The brightness can be measured in the Pantone system. It is the middle gray tone in the chart of grey colors in that program. 

The former American 25-cent coin, also known compared to green, yellow, red-orange and brown slightly colorful varieties.

Vegas Gold #C5B358

Vegas Gold Color HEX

Vegas Gold color is a modern and elegant golden / yellow color that reflects richness, warmth and luxury. As well as gold, this color can also be seen in skin tones of people with dark olive skin. This beautiful and soft color is perfect to be used in your interior design projects (ex: fabrics, wall coverings, leather goods, or other products) or to create labels for your digital products.

Pale Gold #E6BE8A

Pale Gold Color

Pale gold is an off-white or beige hue of yellow color that is often used in interior design. A pale effect of gold is generated by mixing it with white. Unlike many other colors, using pale gold in a combination with colors is said to bring a positive touch as the yellow color supposedly improves the mood too.

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