Columbia Blue

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Columbia blue color is also the color of the University of Colombia. You can see traces of this color from school uniforms, tablecloths all over campus.

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Columbia Blue
Columbia Blue Color

It is a pretty unique color. It is the hue of the deep open sea and is also the color of sky. The color is not uncommon, some people use it in their interior decorating and clothing designs. 

The color has been around for many decades now and it appears to be here to stay too. This blue color looks great on all kinds of backgrounds and can look elegant.

This is a dark shade of blue that is between light and royal blue. 

It is perfect for people who do not like the bright shade of royal blue but also do not want to use the dark navy. 

This blue color is named after Columbia University where it was first introduced in 1872. 

The football team at the university wore this color when they played their first game in 1893.

Columbia blue color in Interior Design

The Columbia blue color is refreshing. 

It brings freshness and rejuvenates the design scheme. 

It is vibrant, light and elegant.

This color is a great companion for more neutral hues such as white and gray, both of which can be used to offset its vibrancy. 

The Columbia blue is cool, and its tone varies from medium to dark. The way it catches the light makes this color seem brighter. Take full advantage of this by adding furniture in darker colors like black or brown that will take your room to new heights

Columbia blue color in Advertising

I’m going to talk about the color that makes you look more attractive in your advertising. 

Many people think that blue is not a good color because it makes you look pale but this is not true.

We all know that red color helps to increase blood circulation and yellow gives a good feeling but blue can be also used in a positive way.

Every brand dreams of having a unique image, in which they can represent their values and characteristics. 

If we talk about the American brand Columbia, then its products are constantly associated with certain symbols that show its individuality.

Columbia blue color in Product Design

Columbia blue is a color that helps your brain to relax. It creates a feeling of stability and is associated with trust. 

It is the foundation for USA branding and can be labeled as an American color. 

It has a very rusty, dark explanation for many who do not already know. 

This metallic color is adopted from a Greek goddess, Aphrodite

The Greek painted her statue in this very same color for her to be the most beautiful and appealing in the eyes of mankind. 

Today, however, this metallic blue is associated with something else. While it is still used for advertising cosmetics and beauty products, it also has a second name that it is more known for: “the official color of NASA” .

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