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Maya blue color is an enormous color that has existed in the Aztec culture. This bright color also shows how good the Aztecs are.

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Maya Blue
Maya Blue Color

Maya blue Color in Interior Design

Many of us associate the color blue with the sunny days of summer. But did you know that a visual of this color is used by painters and interior designers to communicate dramatic emotions? 

The same principle is at work when designing for sport or entertainment venues; a lively and energetic atmosphere is conveyed by using certain color combinations.

The blue shades that are most often associated with the Mediterranean water are often found in the areas around cities with a high concentration of tourists. 

It is a bright and sunny color that mainly seems to be used for rooms. 

Mayan blue has that warm yet calming feeling to it which really makes for some great looks and is a great color to use for guest rooms, halls, landings and other areas of your home that would benefit from a little color flair. 

The color can also break down wall murals, adding a cool pop of color while also giving your room some subtle warmth. 

Or try using it as part of an interior design scheme for your bath or office space.

Maya blue Color in Photography

If you are into photography you will surely like this section. 

Photography can be very skillful which can be used in many ways. 

The use of a particular medium can influence or change the way a person sees things. However, we use this medium for more than just entertainment. 

It influences the way we think about life, people, communities and civilization in general.

The color of the year 2014 is Maya Blue. 

It's the most popular color among photographers and graphic designers who prefer the cool and calming atmosphere of this color. 

If you are an avid photographer, you might have created many stunning images with this color as its dominant element. 

Making photographs with that theme in mind is certainly fashionable. Make sure your pictures are vividly painted with this visualization of beautiful blue for maximum impact!

Maya blue Color in Web Design

Inspired by the soothing blue tone of the sea, this color scheme evokes thoughts of relaxation and tranquility.

It’s one of our favorite color schemes because it’s both soothing and eye-catching. Mixing bright and vivid colors with equally bright text can create a striking effect that will definitely catch your readers’ attention.

The key to making this color work is keeping the contrast between colors minimal, or no contrast at all. Though this is a good starting point, you can take it further by adding other texts to enhance its impact.

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