Cyan Blue

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Cyan blue color is a unique blend of green and blue. This color is especially prevalent in the domes of mosques. I recommend you to try it on design.

Best Combination

Cyan Blue

It is a web color tone that's somewhere between turquoise and aqua. It may be used as a complementary color to green, as it has a similar hue. 

One common representation of this is the color that you see when you are looking at a video or photograph on your computer screen in standard RGB color space.

It is one of the most usable colors on the web. 

Its immense popularity makes it a safe choice and gives your design a distinctive look. What color should you use in graphics? 

What’s the best color to use in Photoshop

These are questions that don’t really have a right or wrong answer. Many designers would argue that there’s no such thing as the best color, but that is not true. 

We believe that there are colors that work better than others because our eyes react differently to their color spectrum.

Cyan blue color in Advertising

One of the most attractive colors that has an elegant effect on your subconscious is this color. 

It's popularity comes from the natural world, and our universal response to it. 

That's why it works so well for wearables. 

It also defines power and authority in marketing, as demonstrated by its use in logos like Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

One of the most common questions in this field is what color should be used as background or text color. 

Nowadays, with so many companies using online advertisements, it is difficult to choose the right type of advertisement for the brand.......One of the main causes is related to color choice. 

According to several studies, colors have emotional values, and that’s why it is important to know what color means what when working with different audiences......

The cyan blue color is used when you want to get more attention from people....

Cyan blue color in Mobile App Design

If you want to make your mobile app design unique, apply this in it. Cyan Blue is the most prominent colour used in website designing with its characteristics matching a mobile app.

I’m hoping you are already familiar with blue undertones

If not, you need to be! 

Blue undertones are one of the most popular mobile app design trends in the present scenario. 

Cyan blue color in Product Design

This is a cool monochromatic color

When used on pages, images, and buttons, it provides a nice calming effect. 

This color is ubiquitous with products that want to feel modern and stylish. One of my favorite ways to use cyan blue is in webapps. 

Modern web applications such as Trello (shown above) are utilizing cyan blue in their product design. 

Product design, from the competition perspective will be the most important, the specific product mix, usually cannot dominate any one kind of product, can not force consumers to buy their own brands of goods, can only increase the uniqueness of limited resources.

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