Dodger Blue

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The dodger blue color is the color of the dodger team. It is a traditional color but later added to the color database to become a cult.

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Dodger Blue
Dodger Blue Color

It shimmers as the sun sets in LA. Its name comes from the hats the Brooklyn Dodgers wore. 

During the Brooklyn Dodgers, their home field was Ebbets Field. 

The team later moved to Los Angeles, and became the Los Angeles Dodgers

The blue was seen as a sign of power by fans who backed them while they won many championships. 

When they first moved to LA, they played at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum which was painted with Dodger Blue.

Dodger blue is the color of the Los Angeles Dodgers Major League Baseball team – although the shade has varied over time and by use, starting from Dodger blue (plumb) in 1932.

 The team's primary color since 2000 has been a dark blue (navy, midnight or hew), sometimes referred to as "Dodger navy".

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