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The true blue color is the official color of the University of California. It is neither too light nor too dark. It is a pleasant and relaxing tone.

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True Blue
True Blue Color

Among the many shades of blue color, there are two that have become popular as they are true blue colors. One is deep sapphire and the other is royal blue. These two shades have been used widely by designers along with different shades of blue to create a beautiful coloring interior.


As with many colors, its principal and unique hue is derived from mixing cyan, magenta, and yellow; however, true blue was one of the earlier colors to be synthesized (thanks to complex chemical reactions).

True Blue Color in Interior Design

This color is commonly used to describe the color of clear sky and ocean, because it is bright and rich in hues. 

It may also be used to describe a certain shade of vivid blue, usually applied to furniture and fabrics, which gives a warm calming effect to home décor. 

True blue color has been popularly used in interior design for decades now; from bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. This is because blue gives a sense of tranquility and comfort while creating a fresh look on interiors.

True Blue Color in Product design

True Blue was created by mixing red and blue in a laboratory. In the 1940s, French artist Yves Klein created jewelry using the same pigment that was called “International Klein Blue”. 

This color became popular during the 1960s, when it was adopted by the New York art scene. Since then, you can find true blue in the logos of different companies, such as UPS or Tommy Hilfiger.

True Blue Color in Web Design

Everyone has their own favorite Internet browser, and the preferences for each are different as well. 

The blue color is one of those things that each Web designer cares about too because there is no such thing as a standard favorite color. No single color will bring out the same tones of a desktop screen or a mobile device.

The color blue is the quintessential representation of trustworthiness, dependability, loyalty, independence, and innovation for the UK

This is why this shade is perfect for your site’s color palette. But aside from these facts, there are actually more reasons that make this color irresistible. Not only can it uplift your mood but it also improves user performance and how websites are viewed by customers.

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