Azure Blue

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The blue of the sky changes in every weather situation. Azure blue color occurs in bright, sunny, glassy weather. So it is a beautiful, promising color.

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Azure Blue
Azure Blue Color

Azure color is derived from the Arabic word "Aswad" which then became azur in French. That's the etymology of the color but what does it look like? 

We all know blue comes in many shades and tints, tones and hues. 

Before you choose azure color for your website or other project, make sure you get the right shade of blue. It is actually a dark shade of blue. It could be compared to a Prussian blue or indigo

Blue tints are normally used together with white, black, or gray because they create a vibrant contrast when mixed together. 

The lighter it is, the easier to see that contrast.

Azure blue in advertising

The new fashion color is a slightly different hue of blue

You've probably noticed it in the latest TV commercials or print ads. 

It looks a little different from the deep, rich Azure known to graphic designers, which is closer to black than any other color.

 But this blue appeals to our mood and emotions rather than our logic. It's been adopted unofficially by marketers as the latest trend in advertising, and they're calling it Azure Blue.

Azure in advertising means the use of the BLUE tones in advertisements. This is used to portray freshness, positive and clean feeling. 

It’s unclear when the use of Azure began in advertisements but it might be that this was used back in Romans which were mostly blue paintings and garments.

Azure blue color in product design

This is a very noble type of color. 

The most important thing is that it looks more beautiful if combined with light colors. 

You should not use it as one of the main colors of your product, because blue color produces the opposite effect. In order to make your product look like it is floating, you should use white and light color palettes. 

It is an excellent detail for dark frames and black details.

There are many varieties of azure blue shades and the one that is the freshest and brightest is the new azure blue color in product design. 

The aqueous tone of azure blue alone presents a sense of bathfulness and cleanliness.  

It has been used by painters to create a vivid blue tone that brings out emotion in women. 

If you are planning to include this kind of azure blue in your designs, keep it simple. 

It will look great as a top layer over white or off-white hues.

Azure blue color in interior design

Interior design is a perfect color to pair with almost any color scheme or decor theme. 

It may sound a little crazy at first, but you can definitely use it to decorate your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. 

Azure is a deep blue hue that your eye processes as very similar to the way it absorbs water throughout the day.

This gorgeous color looks fresh and clean, especially in combination with shades of black. It’s an exotic color that is fit to enhance neutral colors in decoration schemes. 

Pay your attention to such adornments as draperies, upholstery, curtains etc. 

The color of these elements can be enriched with gray tones and look absolutely amazing!

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