Air Force Blue

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Do you know what the sky looks like on a clear day? Airforce Blue color has been specifically chosen to camouflage airplanes in the open air.

Best Combination

Air Force Blue
Air Force Blue Color

Air force blue color in Photography 

It is the best color for photographing things. It presents a mood, a feeling and makes your subjects more appealing. 

The color is particularly effective when used for backgrounds, and is a favorite among photographers who use it in their images.

It can help draw attention, communicate ideas or emotions, or draw attention away from distracting elements such as lighting, background relief, or chrome. 

In earlier years, photographers tended to use the blue tones created by natural phenomena because it looked more appealing than the other traditional hues like red or yellow

Air force blue color in Movies

It is one of the best colors to use for pop branding, especially in movies. The colors that Coca Cola uses (blue and white) are also great choices. 

Just remember that while pop looks great on a T-shirt or crayoned piece of magnet paper, it doesn’t quite have the same impact when your company logos are used on merchandise.

Air force blue color in Product Design

Product name and visual representation is sometimes the most important part in a product. The air force blue color evokes the image of a powerful military power. 

More than just a color, it conveys a sense of maturity and dignity. 

Military products are usually carved with elaborate patterns and engraving. 

On the other hand, consumer products are more simple and typically there are no images so they might not have the same effect for you. 

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