Cobalt Blue

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Cobalt Blue Color is the original color of this material used in tile porcelain. World-famous painters used this color in their paintings.

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Cobalt Blue
Cobalt Blue Color

Cobalt Blue is a super cool color. There's a reason why this shade has earned that adjective. It’s the epitome of coolness.  Some words associated with Cobalt Blue are: deep, dark, and mysterious.  Sure, that paints an idealistic picture of what Cobalt Blue would feel like in real life (it’s not that deep or dark) but you get the point -- it’s a color often found in the lower altitudes of a clear blue sky, not up in space.

Cobalt Blue Color in interior design

Cobalt blue color has been around for years. It is a great choice for those who are looking for subtle shades

There are so many items that come in cobalt blue such as crystals, sea stones, and fabrics. You can have a look at home decor products which will excite you to paint your walls in cobalt blue color. 

Cobalt blue wall paint color is slightly more vibrant than navy blue but still understated compared to other bright colors.

Cobalt Blue Color in Product Design

Who doesn't love the intense blue color that exudes elegance, grace, style, and sophistication

Even today, there are still thousands of products produced in cobalt blue color. 

This includes jewelry, glassware, ceramics, ornaments like teddy bears and snowmen to hardware products like buckets, tools and household utensils. Cobalt Blue is believed to induce relaxation while at the same time providing a sense of security. 

Nowadays, you could see this hue not only used by residential furniture designers but also in vehicles like motorcycles or luxury yachts that are meant to give a sense of exclusivity and opulence.

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