Oxford Blue Color

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If you are an expensive university, you can also be included in the colour literature. We were not surprised. We offence. Here's the oxford color.

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Oxford Blue Color
Oxford Blue Color

If you are looking for a trendy color, you may want to consider this color. 

The typical perception of the term "oxford" is most likely a shade of blue. 

However, if you're digging deeper as a color, you'll see that it has both cool and warm hues that can look amazing when paired with white or other soft pastel colors.

The Oxford Blue color was first used in Oxford University, hence the name. 

This is one of the most common shades of blue used worldwide, usually in different shades such as light blue, dark blue and mid-tone blue.

Oxford Blue color in Interior Design

It is a classic greyish blue color. 

it is not too bright, and more importantly, it is not too dark. 

It can be used in any room of the house from bedroom walls, living rooms to kitchen backsplashes.

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