Yale Blue Color

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Like other universities, Yale University has found its own color. And guess what he called it? Yale blue color. Very clever.

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Yale Blue Color
Yale Blue Color

Are you looking for the best color inspiration? The color yale blue is a wonderful choice for your projects. And just in case you’re wondering: You can trust that we’ll always provide you with great color inspirations and helpful tips and tricks. 

So just read along and we bet, we will inspire you to create something beautiful.

This color is a rich color that can be best described as a british medium blue. 

Yale Blue was originally devised to honor the fact that the university was founded in 1701, since it was believed that Queen Anne, who was born in 1665, would have worn a similar shade on her May 2 birthday.

This color was selected when a Yale student, Evelyn Dearborn, won a contest for her design of a new colour for Yale's clothing in 1903. 

She had been instructed to make the colour as "bright" as possible. The official blue is Pantone Matching System.

Founded in 1701 and established in 1701, it is the third-oldest institution of higher education in the United States. 

It is the eighth-oldest surviving college of the original nine colonial colleges chartered before the American Revolution.

It was founded by a Puritan religious institution and later became a center of the abolitionist movement and then of the "Yale School" of sociology in the mid-20th century. 

Today it is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and has produced numerous prominent alumni.

Yale Blue Color in Interior Design

This color can have a different tone depending on what type of paint you use. In interior design Yale Blue is categorized as an earth tone. 

Yale blue paint is a greyish blue, sometimes violet or bluish depending on who you ask.

This paint color looks great in those rooms with peekaboo windows, French doors, where you have to look through a window to really see it's beautiful and stunning details.

It is a slightly dark and rich slightly greenish blue-indigo paint. It is a beautiful, bright, kind of cool blue without being too much so. 

This is considered by the majority as one of the best color choices for your home interiors.

It makes any sitting room look soothing and calming. This blue actually comes from a type of pigment known as Prussian Blue, also known as Berlin Blue. 

It was favored by Prussian king Frederick the Great, and hence it is popularly named after him.

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