Yinmn Blue Color

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Yinmn Blue Color is the work of science. Mas Subramanian discovered it in a laboratory accident. An impressive discovery story for intense color.

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Yinmn Blue Color
Yinmn Blue Color

Blue is the colour that absorbs all other colours and does not reflect any of those colours. 

So, it produces a shade of black as no other colour is reflected. 

This quality of experiencing total absorption of all energy is the exact quality that is required to attain nirvana in Buddhism.

Yinmn blue color is in the darker hue, in the front of the water absorption of yellow. Dark blue pigment mixed with white will become light marine cool light gray. 

Pure water into light blue, because it contains a large amount of oxygen. 

Mixed with other pigments and dyes will become bright blue color; add some white into a lighter blue.

Yinmn blue color in Advertising

In the field of advertising, it is very important to choose a color that will attract the audience. Advertising consists of visual images and text to promote a product or service. T

he color plays an important role in the promotion. I think you must be familiar with one of ‘Burger King' color advertisements, Yinmn blue color in advertising considered as the most attractive color.

These colors have very low brightness making it feel not that vivid. 

This hues contain a lot of black that makes the color very soft. It is found in most of the yin colors and compliments very well with any color it is seen with, or even on its own without complementing any other color. 

This blue is darker than blue but lighter than Indigo and has a bluish purple hue.

Yinmn blue color in Fashion

It is one of the deep blue colors, along with the cornflower blue, peacock blue and navy blue etc. It is usually in monochromatic style or as a color that shows contrasting colors and brightness.

There is a tone of the color that always appears in different seasons, and many girls want to be the focus. The color is bright blue. This color gives people a refreshing feeling. 

Therefore, many countries like to use this tone as the representative of their country because it is full of vitality and vigor. Everyone loves the clothes that are bright and full of vitality.

It is a very dark color on the surface, but it is actually blue, the value designates its cool temperament. 

From the vision association to the top of the light blue, from the point of view of physics It can be divided into ash-blue and smoky-gray. However, in practical application of clothing is a good match with purple, pink, orange and some black.

Yinmn blue color in Interior Design

One thing that many people fail to realize is that space planning is, indeed, an art. 

It takes a very creative mind to be able to transform an area into something modern, with the right blend of colors and designs. 

But if you think about it, this is one of the reasons why hiring a designer can be a good decision. 

A professional has well-trained eyes and can truly see what colors would be right for your home or for any kind of space you want to decorate.

Recent studies have found that blue can make us feel positive, and for this reason, the color is now more and more popular in interior design. 

The use of blue in bedrooms is often related to a peaceful feeling. 

Blue can be used for walls, ceiling or floor. If you want to see the incredible effect of blue in bedroom design, scroll down below!

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