Persian Blue Color

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Persian blue color is one of the colors with a critical history. Its root is based on perspectives. You've already noticed it by name.

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Persian Blue Color
Persian Blue Color

Blue has always been one of the most popular shades of all time. 

It gives a feeling of depth and space and is the perfect color to incorporate into your home if you’re hoping to create an elegant look. 

This color will work perfectly in any room, but it looks especially beautiful in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms.

It’s the color of indigo, turquoise, sapphire, and lapis lazuli. This color can be used to represent life, hope, and every emotion in between.

Persian blue color in Interior Design

It is a medium light intense color, and blue interior design. 

This color was discovered in the mid 19th century. 

It was named Persian Blue, as it was first used for dyeing an Indian textile. 

Though not widely seen in any room interior decoration right now, its potential impact once again is undeniable.

Common Persian has a timeless and all-embracing appeal and can therefore be used effectively in different interior accessories, such as modern Persian rugs, bedding or vases.

It is also possible to find it in the interior of a house, especially in the residential area kitchen.

Persian blue color in Car Design

It is a special color in the design industry. 

It has long been considered a regal color favored by the house of Savoy, the former ruling family of Italy, which included the Kingdom of Sardinia, the Kingdom of Sicily, and the Kingdom of Italy.

 It was through them that this royal color traveled to Russia and other European countries.

It is notable for the fact that it was widely used in art from both Persia and Venice during the Renaissance period. 

This color was originally introduced to Europe as ultramarine, the finest and most expensive blue pigment available, which had been extracted from lapis lazuli

The color's name derives from its origins in Persia, not from any association with blue-blooded aristocrats.

The Persian blue color is also used in car design in model Ford T

The cars were aesthetically attractive and ultimately the color prevailed on the market. Its popularity stems from the fact that it blends well with the sandy tones. 

On the contrary, when compared to silver, the silver color can make you feel cold when you are surrounded by it.

Persian blue color in Advertising

It is presently the color of fashion in advertising and the most popular trend among the big brands of the USA and Europe in 2007 and 2008. 

It can be used to make attractive logos, charts or any design. 

People mainly associate this color with something big or grand that could define it as a vibrant blue.It also speaks of greatness, openness, power and wealth. 

It is a fantastic choice for those who want to make a strong statement or make something “pop” on their website.

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