Royal Blue Color

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Royal Blue Color was first introduced in the UK in the 1700s. It is a color representing the royal. Similar to Navy blue, but different colors.

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Royal Blue Color
Royal Blue Color

Royal blue color (Pantone: 279 C) is the darker shade of the color royal blue that has more black color mixed in with it. 

In fact, this is a variety of colors that is preferred by many artists and designers to produce a deep and dark shade of blue without worrying too much about the tinting of yellow, green and other earthy colors. This variety of royal blue is best used when you are looking for a pop-out effect on your website. 

Royal blue color in car design

If you look back at the history of car manufacturers, you will see that the Ford company has always been one of the leaders in terms of technology and innovation when it comes to new car models. 

Whenever a new Ford model is launched, there are endless expectations from both hardcore fans and casual observers alike. 

The company has an innate talent for creating modern-looking cars with a traditional but distinctive style of their very own. When it comes to the question of what makes a car stunning, one feature above all else stands out; royal blue color cars.

Royal blue color in interior design

Blue is one of the most peculiar and powerful colors existing in our surroundings. 

It has big importance from a cognitive point of view and that is why it is also being used in the interior design industry but royal blue color is one of the main characteristics used by the designers in their projects. 

Designers use it for giving a sense of softness, tenderness, cold and serenity and that’s why this color is so interesting for interior designers to apply. 

Royal blue color in logo design

Royal Blue is a very striking color. This color represents power, trustworthiness, and dependability. It is a vibrant hue that can grab the attention of your target users. 

Every logo has one thing in common - the use of a particular color. Each color is associated with several emotions of its own. 

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